Jet Essentials Videos
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Getting Started

Activating your Jet License How to activate your Jet License for Jet Essentials 2013 and higher

Configuring Data Sources
High Performance connection for NAV 2013 with Jet Essentials 2013 U1 and higher How to configure a high-performance SQL-direct Data Source for Dynamics NAV 2013 or higher 
Using Shared Settings with the Jet Configuration ServiceIf your organization is using the Jet Configuration Service to shareData Source Settings, this video will show you how to use this.
Using Dynamics NAV 2013 Web Services with Jet Essentials 2013How to configure a Data Source using NAV's Web Services for Dynamics NAV 2013 or 2013R2 with Jet Essentials 2013
Dynamics NAV 2009R2 and earlierHow to configure a Data Source for Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 and earlier
Microsoft SQLUsing Jet Essentials to configure a Jet data source for a Microsoft SQL database
Configuring a Jet Enterprise Cube ConnectionHow to use configure and use Jet Essentials' Pivot Table feature to connect to Jet Enterprise OLAP Cubes.
Dynamics GPUsing Jet Essentials to configure a Jet data source for Dynamics GP

System Administrators
Setting up the Jet 2013 Configuration Service & Using the Jet Admin Console How to configure Jet Essentials 2013 to use the Jet Configuration Service to share Data Source Settings (for Jet Essentials users).  Hover for more info...
Configuring NAV 2013 Web Services and Jet Essentials 2013 How to configure NAV 2013's Web Services for use with Jet Essentials 2013-2015.  Hover for more info...
Administrator Installation Options Options available to system administrators for installing Jet Essentials for multiple users
Installing Friendly Names and Views with Dynamics GP databases How to install the Jet Friendly Names and Views to your Dynamics GP database

Creating Reports

The GL() Function for NAV
The GL Function for NAV - UPDATED An interactive tutorial for using the GL function with a Dynamics NAV data source
Creating a 'Grouping Report' - step by step
Grouping Report 1Filters, Lists, and Totals
Grouping Report 2Adding Groups 
Grouping Report 3Adding Columns and Dimensions 
Grouping Report 4Adding Sheet Grouping 
Grouping Report 5Adding Report Options 
Using Table Builder
Introduction to Table BuilderAn introduction to the Jet Essentials Table Builder
Table QueriesAnalyzing Data with Table Queries
Multi-Table Reports - Part 1Step-by-step instructions on how to use the Jet Essentials Table Builder to draw data from multiple tables in your database. 
Multi-Table Reports - Part 2
How to use "Include Duplicates"How to use the "IncludeDuplicates" feature in the Table Builder and the NL(Table) function 
Reporting from Jet Enterprise Cubes
Connecting to your CubesHow to connect to your Jet Enterprise Cubes from Jet Essentials 
Cube QueriesAn introduction on how to use Jet Essentials to create free-form reports directly from Jet Enterprise OLAP Cube data
Creating Dashboards
Dashboard ModeAn overview Jet Essentials' Dashboard mode allowing the viewer to change the filters on the screen and have reports refreshed "on the fly"
Using Report Builder
The Report BuilderHow to use the Report Builder
Importing Data Views into the Report BuilderHow to import Data View Categories for use with the Jet Report Builder
The Data View CreatorHow to use the Data View Creator to create and edit the data views that are available in the Jet Report Builder

Product Features

Product Features
Jet Function Wizard (Jfx)An overview of the Jet Function Wizard
How to use Tooltips for Report OptionsA quick demonstration of how to use the new "Tooltips" feature for report options in Jet Essentials 2013
SnippetsHow to use Jet Snippets
Jet Scheduler
Jet SchedulerHow to use the Jet Scheduler to schedule your Essentials reports to run automatically
Jet Scheduler - Trigger Based Email Alerts and Dynamics Email Text How to create trigger-based email alerts and include information from the report in the email (Excel file used in this video)
Jet Scheduler - Dynamic Batch SchedulingHow to dynamically schedule batch reports (Excel file used in this video)
Jet Browser
Jet Browser - IntroAn introduction to the user of the Jet Browser
Jet Browser - Drag and DropHow to use the Jet Browser's Drag-and-Drop functionality
Jet Browser - Importing Table Details (NAV)How to import Dynamics NAV table details into the Jet Browser.
Favorite Tables and FieldsUsing Favorite Tables and Fields in the Jet Browser and Function Wizard (Jfx)

Additional Videos

Videos for Older Versions of Jet Essentials and Jet Reports
Dynamics NAV with Jet Reports 2009Using Jet Reports 2009 to configure a Jet Data Source for Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 and earlier
Dynamics GP with Jet Reports 2009Using Jet Reports 2009 to configure a Jet Data Source for Dynamics GP
What's New in Jet Essentials 2012An overview of the features that were introduced with Jet Essentials 2012